Past Events

Squiggly 5
Meeting in Motion: Connecting Through Difference
Developmental movements to explore differences as an opportunity for connection.
TanzTendenz, Munich Germany
17-19 November, 2017
Studio Rituel, Paris France
22-23 November, 2017.

Beyond Words: The Connection Between Us
Developmental movements to connect with ourselves & others
TanzTendenz, Munich Germany  (Nov 2016)
Rituel Studio, Paris, France (Nov 2016)

Integrated Movement
Uniting action with intent in Pilates and life
Keana Studios, Paris, France (Nov 2015)

Moving through Change
Awareness of mind, body and self in action
Rituel Studio, Paris, France (Nov 2015)

Living Fully by Moving Fully
Workshop using developmental patterns to relearn the connection of movement to perception
TanzTendenz, Munich Germany  (Nov 2014)

Working with Limitations: Injury, Aging, and Illness
2-day workshop for somatic practitioners
Keana Studio Paris France, Lebensgarten Munich Germany,
Tanzzirkus Ingolstadt, Germany  (Oct 2014)

Using Perceptual Consciousness in Action in Gestalt therapy
Presentation at the annual Advanced Association of Gestalt Therapy-Southwest conference, Los Angeles (Nov 2013)
Part 3 of “Experiencing Sensory Awareness: a Traditional Model, a Clinical Application, and Beyond” with Judyth Weaver & Ginger Clark

Self Awareness Movement Classes for Eating Disorders
Group classes using movement to develop an embodied sense of self
New Dawn Residential Treatment Center, San Francisco (2013)

Expressive Movement with children at Better Future Today Orphanage & School
Siem Reap, Cambodia (2012)

Gesture as Embodiment of the System: from individual to global
Lecture and workshop for the Choreographer’s Atelier, Munich Germany & San Francisco CA (Apr 2013 & Apr 2011)

Perceptual Consciousness
Training for the members of the Bay Area Gestalt Institute, San Francisco, CA (Oct 2011)

Teaching Yourself: Using Consciousness to Guide Action
1-week intensive for Tanz Quartier Wien, Vienna Austria (4.2011)

Conscious Movement
Workshop for Pilates & sports trainers on adapting technique to individual needs, Ingolstadt, Germany (4.2011)

Functional Anatomy for Ballroom Dance Instructors
Courses for the faculty of the Ballroom Dance Teacher’s University, SF CA (2010 )

Sensing Beyond Yourself & Stimme und Praesenz fuer Unterrichtende
Course for performers & another course for teachers, both funded by Tanz & Schule & Joint Adventures, Munich Germany (5.2009)

Developmental Patterns as Rehabilitation Tools
Workshop for faculty Munich University for Sports-Science & Rehabilitation,Germany (5.2009)

Motions Express Emotions
Course for Gestalt Therapists at the Gestalt Associates International Training Intensive, Vilnius, Lithuania (7.2008)

Embodied Sense of Self
Courses for Doctorate candidates in Gestalt Therapy at the CA Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco CA (4.2008 & 4.2009)

Sensing Movement: Sensory Guides Motor
Course for performers & another for teachers at Tanz Werkstatt Europa, Munich Germany (8.2007)

Freeing the Lower Back: Ease of Motion in the Lumbar Spine
Course for Pilates, Gyrokinesis & fitness instructors at Sports Club LA in SF CA (3.2007)

The Sensing Body: Increasing Responsiveness & Balance
Tanz Werkstatt Europa, Munich Germany (8.2006)

Lessons from Aikido to Dancers
Lecture & workshop at International TanzMedizin Symposium, Stuttgart, Germany (5.2006)

Rotational Aspects of the Lower Extremities in Locomotion
Presentation & workshop at Int’l TanzMedizin Symposium, Munich, Germany (5.2005)

Importance of Asymmetry in Dynamic Stabilization
International Association of Dance Medicine & Science Conference, SF, CA (10.2004)

The Functional Body/Expressive Self
Course for somatic professionals and dance artists through Joint Adventures, Munich, Germany (10.2003)

Course funded by Independent Dance at The Jerwood Space, London, England (10.2003)

The Role of the Nervous System in Functional Movement (10.2003)
Course for Movement Analyst degree candidates at The Laban Centre, London, England
Seminar at the London Contemporary School of Dance, London England (10.2003 & 10.2004)

Beyond Pilates: Integration of somatic methods for dancers, somatic teachers & physiotherapists
Courses as part of Tanz Werkstatt Europa, Munich, Germany (8.2001, 8.2002, 8.2003, 8.2004, 8.2005)

Applications of Osteopathy and Pilates-based movement for rehabilitation
Courses co-taught with Andreas Risch, P.T. D.O. at the Physiotherapie Center, Eichstatt, Germany (7.2003, 7.2004, 7.2005)

Elusive Balance
Course combining Somatic methods & improvisation to investigate the connection between the physical body & the emotional self for professional dancers, Somatic teachers & psychology professors
Chisenhale Dance Space, London, England. The Metropolitan University, Manchester, England. Ludus Dance Company, Lancaster, England. (All in 7.2003)

Treatment Plans for Individual Client Case-Studies
In-services for Pilates & fitness instructors at the Sports Club San Francisco (2/2003 & 6/2003)

Using Pilates-based principles to address scoliosis
Individual client at Canyon Ranch Spa, Tucson, AZ (2001-2004)

Observational Gait Analysis for the Professional Pilates Instructor
In-service for the Dance Medicine Specialists at St. Francis Hospital (11/2002) & the fitness instructors of Club One Inc. (10.2001) San Francisco CA

Healthy Walking: Guidelines for functional walking patterns
Members of The Metropolitan Club, San Francisco, CA (5/2002)

Movement as Treatment Modality for Children with Neurologic Damage
Presentation at TASC Network Pediatrics Medical Conferences in New York City & Tiburon, CA (6/1999 & 11/1999)

Introduction to Principles of Functional Anatomy in Movement
Course for instructors (tennis pro, swim coach, fitness trainers, yoga & aerobic teachers) at The Claremont Resort, Berkeley, CA (8/1999)

In Balance: Functional & Expressive
Courses to decrease injury and increase expressive range for dance and psychology students at Mills College, Oakland, CA (11/1998 & 3/1995)

Therapeutic Movement to Treat Symptoms of Neuro-degenerative & Systemic diseases
Courses for healthcare professionals and patients in treating Parkinson’s disease, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), Multiple Sclerosis, pediatric AIDS, Cancer, Hepatitis, & Herpes, Key West, FL (11/1997), Santa Fe, NM (12/1998)

Supporting the Voice: Integration of Breath with Movement
Workshop for the members of the Atlanta Opera Company, Atlanta, GA (7/1997)

Injury Prevention: Course for Movement Therapist certification candidates
Moving On Center: School for Participatory Arts & Research, Oakland CA (4/1997 & 4/1998)

Principles of Functional Movement Applied to Ballroom Dance
Workshops for the faculty of the Metronome Ballroom, SF, CA (5/1996 & 5/1998)

Applications of Pilates-based Methods to Degenerative Joint Disease (7/95)
Special Population Symposium for the California Personal Trainers Association, SF, CA

Anatomy & Bartenieff Fundamentals
Course for Movement Therapist certification candidates at Moving On Center: School for Participatory Arts & Research, Oakland CA (10/1995)

Bartenieff Fundamentals, Movement Analysis with basic Anatomy & Kinesiology, & Pre-Technique
3 separate courses taught for 4 summers to dance students at the White Mt. Summer Dance Festival at Bard College, NH (7/1995 – 7/1998)

Dynamic Cervico-thoracic & Scapula Stabilization Training
Integrating Pilates & Physical Therapy principles, co-taught with Andreas Risch, P.T. & D.O., in San Francisco (4/1995)

Rehabilitation of the Dancer Using Pilates-based Methods
Presentation at the Medicine & Therapy for the Arts Conference, HealthSouth Doctors’ Hospital, Miami FL (3/1995)

Integrated Movement Through Dynamic Trunk Stabilization
Presentation at the 3rd Symposium on the Science & Somatics of Dance, University of Utah, Salt Lake City (2/1995)

Dynamic Lumbopelvic Stabilization Training Using Pilates-based Techniques
Seminar integrating Pilates & Physical Therapy, co-taught with Andreas Risch, P.T. & D.O., San Francisco, CA (1/1995)

Applications of the Pilates Method to Massage
Training for the faculty of the Atlanta School of Massage, Atlanta, GA (8/1994)

Body Basics Teacher Training
Certification course in movement analysis & functional anatomy related to the Pilates method, Miami, FL (6/1994) & San Francisco, CA (11/1994)

Injury Prevention for Aikido
Course for students at Dogwood Aikikai Dojo, Atlanta GA (5/1994 & 8/1994)
Clinical Applications of Pilates Method for Health Care Professionals
Course for Doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, & physical therapists, Atlanta GA (5/1994 & 8/1994)

Therapeutic Movement for Post-Operative Cancer patients
National Lymphodema Network annual conference, SF, CA (1993)

Therapeutic Movement for Pregnancy
Classes for pregnant women at the San Francisco Bay Club, SF, CA (1990-92)