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Photo by Franz Kimmel

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”
~ Plato

Developmental Somatic Psychotherapy™2-year training program
Assisting Ruella Frank Ph.D. in teaching her
movement-oriented and developmental approach to psychotherapy within a contemporary gestalt therapy framework.

NYC, USA (2017–2019)
Stockholm, Sweden (2019-2021)

Photo by Franz Kimmel

Homo Sapiens: The upright walk
Spielraum Finning, Finning, Germany
2-4 November, 2018
Friday 15:00-19:00, Saturday & Sunday 10:00-18:00
In collaboration with Feldenkrais and yoga instructor Veronica Fischer.
Part of Veronica’s 9-month teaching training on the evolutionary history of human movement patterns as a basis for realizing our personal human potential.
This training is designed for experienced body workers, teachers and therapists.
For more information and to register, contact Veronica Fischer

Photo by Franz Kimmel

Creative Coping
ongoing, monthly
San Francisco, USA

An ongoing group meeting monthly to explore how we choose to  move through the world in relationship to each other and experiencing other options available to us in order to increase our ability to enjoy life and move freely.

Photo by Angela Bedekovic

For more information about this ongoing series, or to register, please email Jennifer directly at: jennifer@jenniferbury.com