What I do

Movement is an essential part of how we understand,
participate in, and interpret the world around us.

Sailor dad and son

“It is the one which is the most adaptable who survives” – Darwin

Adaptation as transformation is one of our greatest human skills. Until we are tested we don’t know that sense of our own power.  Adversity is change we have yet to adapt to.

Often when faced with trauma, an injury, chronic condition, or illness we adapt to avoid experiencing the symptoms rather than addressing the actual source of the symptoms. By focusing on the source, I guide people to feel their way, through simple movements,
to recover fully.

I work with people of all ages, with various injuries and illnesses, to become aware of what they are feeling, which is the beginning of choice and change. Discovering new possibilities of how to move through our worlds with each other allows us to thrive.

Change through Awareness